The Big Bait and Switch, going on in DC, which is:

Medicare, Medicare, Social Security -- are NOT the cause of our Financial Debt problems.

Our unpaid-for wars are, the housing bust is, the Bush tax cuts are the cause of our current Financial Debt problems. Paying out earned benefits to seniors isn't.

That's the unspoken secret in Washington -- and no one is talking about it, in congress.

But these 4 Freshman Reps are.

Up with Chris Hayes -- Jan 19, 2013

link to video

And our Budget Deficit and National Debt issues -- are NOT the number one problem this nation is facing.

The lack of good jobs and economic growth are -- and no one is talking about it, in congress.

Say hello to the Big Bait and Switch --

you know that whisper campaign, that cutting our "earned retirement benefits," is more important than putting the people back to work. And getting the Economy moving again, getting Revenues coming back in the coffers again; which can only help with our oh-so-urgent decades-out long-term Financial Debt problems.

The Bait and Switch problem over which Congress is so willing to go over the economic brink for, time and time again. Going to the mat for unemployed people -- not so much.

Who in congress, cares about them!?

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