As far as semi-automatic weapons go:

•    barrel shrouds;
•    pistol grips;
•    flash suppressors;
•    collapsible stocks; and,
•    bayonet lugs

are nothing more than customizations…its all just stuff that doesn’t do anything other than trick out a firearm and make it look like something that it’s not, which is a military select fire weapon.

To use a limited analogy, the proposed AWB is no different than banning customized cars that have:

•    a slick red paint job;
•    expensive rims;
•    a tachometer;
•    a sun roof; or,
•    hood locks

The accessories on both of these lists have absolutely nothing to do with the functionality of the car or firearm. The engine in the tricked out car is the same engine that was in it before customization, performance capabilities are not enhanced. The same applies to semi-automatic firearms; nothing has been done to increase their rates of fire or enable them to be more accurate.

The proposed AWB is beyond silly, it accomplishes nothing more than to ban something based solely on what it looks like (is that a new liberal value?). I find enacting laws that are built upon something as superficial as appearance rather senseless.

But hey, if such “feel good” legislation makes people think they are actually doing something that is substantive and will reduce the likelihood and severity of violent criminal behavior, then by all means, have a field day. I mean, we don't need legislation that will actually accomplish the goal of reducing violent criminal acts involving a firearm, all that matters is that people feel good, right?


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