Republican Strategy – A Trojan Horse

Everyone is claiming victory for the President regarding the Republican’s and the raising of the debt ceiling.  It certainly looks like the President’s firm stance on non-negotiation regarding the Debt Ceiling made a difference doesn’t it?

But look what is really being proposed.  The Republican’s are voting only to delay the debt ceiling battle for three months.  They aren't giving up their ability to hold the Nation hostage just to delay it to a more strategically advantageous time.

This moves the debt ceiling discussion outside the President’s first 100 days in office.  This separates the Debt Ceiling discussion from the other budgetary measures coming due in March, the CS budget and the Sequestration.

Imagine the Sequestration and the Debt Ceiling issues coming at the same time in March with Republicans strongly opposing cuts to the military budget.  The Sequestration mandates equal cuts to domestic and military budgets.  Imagine the impact of a threatened Government shutdown on services right in the middle of tax season, a very busy time for the entire economy.

By moving the Debt Ceiling discussion back three months the Republicans separate the issue from their desire to nullify the Sequestration and remove any leverage Democrats would likely have here.  Republicans then move the Debt Ceiling discussion into the summer, a time when government is slowing down and could better handle a shutdown in services as vacations are normally taken.

So who really benefits from a three month extension of the Debt Ceiling?

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