Multiple news outlets are reporting that at least three people are seriously injured after a shootout took place in the library of a north Houston community college today. The incident took place at Lonestar College, where I can only guess that a good guy with a gun tried to stop a bad guy with a gun. I just can't quite get a read on which guy played which role.

There is a lot of blame to go around for this sort of incident. But I want to point out some of the blame that should be heaped on Texas legislator Debbie Riddle (R-Batshit). The same woman who makes a habit of accusing every brown person of being a terrorist anchor baby and telling American law students to "go live in Afghanistan" took to her laughable Facebook page this week to promote exactly the kind of madness that took place today. She must be held responsible for promoting exactly the kind of lawlessness that has left innocent bystanders critically wounded today.

Last Friday, she wrote (note: all spelling and basic grammar errors belong to Riddle):
We DO NOT have a gun culture in Texas as the press so boldly states. We have a culture of independence and a culture of personal responsibility. Our own personal safety is up to us - each individual - the police are usually called AFTER a crime is committed. There are not enough police to stand at the side of each one of us. There are many ways to protect ourselves - guns are not the only answer - but they are one answer. Being vigilant is the first order of business regarding personal safety. Being aware of one's surroundings is soooo important. You see - there are 2 schools of thought - (1) let the government solve all our problems and take care of us or (2) I will be responsible for myself and my family and government is there to assist if needed but I can't be dependent on anyone - especially the government. I vote for self-reliance and personal responsibility - with government assistance only when needed - which should not be often.
Her statement is quite clearly made in the context of the gun debate, and her directive is clear: don't wait on the government or the police to take care of you. If you sense danger, fire first and ask questions later. After all, isn't that what personal responsibility is all about.

This woman and her detestable mindset need to be called out and, can we say, ridiculed. She's encouraged her constituents to take the law into their own hands, and to fire away at the first sign of danger. Today, some of those people listened to Riddle. Sensing danger after a dispute, both used those guns to perpetuate the "culture of independence" in Harris County. The result was a scary library shooting where innocent bystanders were hit by flying bullets.

Debbie Riddle - YOU are to blame for this.

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