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Recently a close friend of Richard Myers posted some pictures online that I thought friends and followers of Richard from the Daily Kos community might appreciate.  

Richard was a frequent diarist, most often writing about his work on the StopRush project.  Richard died suddenly last month of a heart attack.  So many of us who spent time working with Richard on his various endeavors miss him every day.  

The last year of his life Richard spent most of his time as a part of The Flush Rush Facebook community, working to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable for his attacks on women, homosexuals, ethnic minorities, and the poor.

A celebration of Richard's life will take place February 10 in Denver at Auraria Campus:

Sunday, February 10, 2013
3:00pm until 5:00pm in MST

Tivoli Student Union, Room 444, Auraria Campus, Denver, CO

Our beloved friend and comrade, Richard Myers, left this world last December. Some special friends of Richard's are coming together for a celebration of his life with music and theatrical performance. All who knew Richard or were touched by his spirit in any way are invited.

Performances by:
David Rovics, Elena Klaver, The Romero Troupe

Refreshments will be served.

Free admission / Donations gratefully accepted

Please join us.

Richard Myers in pictures after the cheese doodle.

Reading poetry at Columbine Miner's Memorial, 1989
November, 2012

Thanks for everything Richard.  You left this world such a better place for your part in it.

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