As I watched the Senate hearing yesterday I thought I heard Senator McCain admit that he was responsible in part for the deaths in Benghazi.  I then awaited the MSM to pick up on it and question him.  Haven't seen that yet.  Today I went to CSPAN to review the video of Clinton's appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. which is available at http://www.c-span.org/...

Skip forward to the 1:47:42 (one hour 47 minutes and 42 seconds) mark and Senator McCain says:

"You knew Chris Stevens very well.  I knew him very well.  I knew him on July 7th (2012) when I went to Libya to observe the election.  And at that time on July 7th he expressed to me his deep and grave concerns about security particularly in Benghazi."

This personal report by Senator McCain seems to represent the most senior person in government to have been directly alerted of the Ambassador's concern.  Yes he sent cables to the State Dept which were mishandled tragically.  What, Senator McCain, did you do with your information given to you personally on July 7th?  Did you contact the State or Defense Dept with the Ambassador's "deep and grave concerns?" Did you get back to Mr Stevens with any information on actions you suggested be taken either in the legislative branch such as new bills to increase the required protection for outposts like Benghazi or that you had spoken with Clinton or Panetta about his concerns?  No, I suspect you did nothing.  And you knew his concerns.  How dare you now accuse Sec. Clinton of ignoring Stevens' warnings and requests.  Clearly you, Senator, failed to act with your direct knowledge of the situation and your claimed superior understanding of tactics and military readiness.

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