• South Korea's Samsung continued its aggressive growth in the smartphone market, dominating 4th Quarter shipments of its Google Android based cellphones:
    Samsung was the clear winner shipping an estimated 63.7 million smartphones, up 76% year over year, vs. Apple at 47.8 million, up 29%.
  • Lithium carbonate, the key ingredient in the lithium-ion battery industry, contines to increase in value:
    The current spot price for battery-grade lithium carbonate is $6,600 a tonne, that’s up from $5,500 a couple of years ago and a projected high of $8,500 by the end of the decade, according to researcher Roskill.
    So if you've got a place to put a couple of tons of LC, might be a good idea to invest.
  • California based Apple lost its status as the world's most valuable company to the long time repeat champion, Exxon. Technolgy companies go up, technology companies go down. But Big Oil never goes away.
  • Twitter, Inc. is expected to IPO next year. So far, it is commonly believed the company still has not turned in a profitable quarter. Yet, we're $9 to 11$ Billion in potential valuation. Brave new world.
  • Support your local museums and visit them. Museums are awesome.



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