Ron Johnson's bad day.
In utterly unimportant news, Sen. Ron Johnson, who got his lawmakin' parts handed to him by Sec. Clinton this week, has released the following pouty statement:
The Washington Post – the poster child of Washington status quo - said I had the 'Worst Week in Washington.' Benghazi was a failure of leadership by Secretary Clinton: before, during and after the terrorist attack. I dared to actually demand that Secretary Clinton explain why she refused to debrief her own staff and then provide truthful information to the American people. In Washington, demanding the truth is apparently a sin. Every week that Washington leadership continues to sweep its dirt under the carpet, ignore America’s economic plight and turn a blind eye to its own out of control spending is a bad week for me, the people of Wisconsin and every American.
Poor Ron Johnson. He's just all about finding "the truth" behind his conspiracy theories—why won't America give him credit for that?

You can find WaPo's terrible slight against Johnson here. And given how much of the week Johnson has spent pouting about things other people are saying to/about him, I'm going to maybe suggest that he get a grip.

Also, Johnson has written op-eds for the paper he's now calling the poster child of the status quo, but if we point that out to Johnson we'd probably never hear the end of it. He's a touchy guy. He'd probably hold a whole new round of hearings to figure out who had secretly tricked him into writing that stuff.

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