Yes, that Wavy Gravy.

I just finished watching The Wavy Gravy Movie - Saint Misbehavin', and you should watch it too!


Beginning with Woodstock ‘99, director Michelle Esrick has spent ten years documenting the life of Wavy Gravy.
Saint Misbehavin’ journeys from the hills of California to the Himalayan Mountains to reveal the life of this one of a kind servant to humanity. The film blends Wavy’s own words with magical stories from an extraordinary array of fellow travelers both cultural and counter-cultural, revealing the man behind the clown’s grin and the fool’s clothing.
In Saint Misbehavin’ Wavy is revealed more than the tie-dyed entertainer and ice-cream flavor namesake that often defines him in the popular imagination. Audiences will come to know the activist, the optimist, and the healer who reaches beyond political, economic, and cultural divisions in his commitment to social change and the alleviation of human suffering.
Wavy’s life is his message, serving as deeply needed inspiration that we can change the world and have fun doing it.
Satirist Paul Krasner describes Wavy as “The illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Theresa, conceived one starry night on a spiritual whoopie cushion,” to which Wavy has replied, “Some people tell me I’m a saint, I tell them I’m Saint Misbehavin’.”

Featuring: Wavy Gravy, Jahanara Romney, Jordon Romney, Dr. Larry Brilliant, The Grateful Dead, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Odetta, Patch Adams, Lisa Law, Buffy Sainte Marie, Denise Kaufman, Tom Law, Steven Ben Israel, The Hog Farm and more!

I was reading The Mayor of MacDougal Street (Dave Van Ronk's memoir) and it was mentioned that Wavy Gravy (Hugh Romney at the time) was one of Dave's contemporaries.

Hugh Romney

Well of course this lead me to do the google on Wavy/Hugh. Turns out there was a documentary called Saint Misbehavin’ and checking my local library, it was available on DVD. One of the nice things about my library is the ability to go on line and place a hold on a book or DVD, which I did and it was delivered to my branch and an email was sent that it was ready for pick up. If your library has this service, take advantage of it.

Anywho, what a joyful two hours. Here's the trailer.

I must confess, my DFH license should be a learners permit because I knew nothing about him except for Woodstock. For instance how he got the name "Wavy Gravy".

At the 1969 Texas International Pop Festival Romney was lying onstage, exhausted after spending hours trying to get festival-goers to put their clothes back on, when it was announced that B.B. King was going to play. Romney began to get up; a hand appeared on his shoulder. It was B.B. King, who asked, "Are you wavy gravy?" to which Romney replied "Yes." "It's OK; I can work around you,"  said B.B. King, and he and Johnny Winter proceeded to jam for hours after that. Romney said he considered this a mystical event, and assumed Wavy Gravy as his legal name.
Or that he had co-founded a non-profit that has funded over 3 million eye operations in third world countries.

Seva Foundation -  Turning Compassion into Action

The name Seva (say-va) is a Sanskrit word meaning "selfless service."

Seva was founded in 1978 by a group of medical professionals, counterculture activists, musicians, and compassionate individuals, all dedicated to the alleviation of suffering in the world. Most notably among them are public health expert Dr. Larry Brilliant, spiritual leader Ram Dass, and humanitarian activist Wavy Gravy.

What a guy.

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