Back in the 90s, I worked for a major accounting firm, managing a group of consultants. The NRA was an audit client, and they asked us for some IT help. I sent one of my staff (an NRA member) to do the project, expected to take a few weeks. About halfway through the project, he called me and asked for a meeting to discuss the work. He sounded upset, so I told him to come back to the office as soon as he could. When he got to the office, he asked, with his voice shaking, if someone else could finish the project. "What happened?" I asked.

He said that he had walked into LaPierre's office, who wheeled around and trained a gun on him. Not cool, my staff said. That's just to keep you consultants in line, said LaPierre.

Well, I told my staff that the project was over. I called the other consultants on the project and told them to come back to the office, the project was done. I then called my consulting partner and notified him about what had happened. He told me I did the right thing and he called the audit partner.

A few weeks later, I found out that our firm had fired the NRA, the first time in the firm's 150 odd years history that they had fired a client. They told us it was because the NRA was cooking their books, but we all wondered...

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