Some just don't seem to get us.

 photo mocking_zps3f62a488.jpg

They think they have all the answers, but fail to even ask the question.

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It then becomes a contest to see who ultimately wins.

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But the #sekritarmy always conducts an analysis of the issues at hand.

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We dig deep to find what is behind their every move.

 photo 8Q2QN1j1YEKZYn_0dBV_Qg2.jpg

We analyze their motives.

 photo MifF7JgLO0agnCqcePqyRw2_zpsca304046.jpg

Check past history to identify a pattern of behavior.

 photo 3OgXyVtNyEa7GvUzejfrfA2.jpg

And sometimes set ourselves up inside to lull our opponent into a false sense of security.

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We may even create confusion just to see how they react.

 photo blinds.jpg

But at the end of the day, we all go home to our families.

 photo catlady.jpg

And rest up for a new day.

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