Guess some folks are a little more webby than I (MWTI), and feel a little more emotional about DK (ALMEADK) than I do. I'd never heard of TTFN and didn't know what the heck y'all were writing about. Turns out it's just holy crap I'm outta here (HCIOH) in a pseudo British jacket. (Thanks to a post from MisterOpus1 for explaining this.)

So I read a few of them. Don't expect to ever read another one after this, but the idea of banning them strikes me as equally dramatic and silly (EDS). Though the idea of someone getting upset reading them, and then reading more, so that they become STRT (Sick and Tired of Reading Them), is so high up the silly ladder that I suspect someone harboring that feeling is in danger of falling off. Head first, no doubt.

HAT (Here's a thought): You don't ban something because you don't like reading them, or because you think they're immature and overly dramatic. Folks are different. On any given day we're apt to run into someone smarter than we are and someone not as smart as we are. Different cultures and...well, hey, you know about all the differences among people so I don't have to list them. But to ban those posts? Naw. Isn't right, isn't prudent.

And, of course, if reading those kinds of diaries makes you sick and tired I would suggest the solution conjured up by the native Hciohs of the ancient Southeastern swamps: Don't fucking read them (DFRT).

Now, if you wanna ban something how about all those dumb initials that everyone uses because, frankly, I'm sick and tired of reading them (STRT).

A Southerner in Yankeeland


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