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Some days, you almost have to wish Mitt Romney was still in the public eye, just to hear what nonsense he'd have to say about the news of the day. Like, say, Chrysler's $1.7 billion in 2012 profits and how they'll lead to $2,250 profit-sharing checks for hourly workers. Don't you wish Mitt was here to tell us once again how terrible President Obama's auto rescue was for the economy?

Well, Mitt would probably be outraged that those goshdarn union members were sharing in profits. That, to him, would definitely be the wrong way of doing things. Chances are he'd also take the opportunity to lie a little more about Chrysler moving production to China. He might take some comfort from the fact that salaried workers are also getting bonuses, though.

For the rest of us, it's nice to hear about hourly workers getting bonuses for a change. Usually that's only a word we hear attached to rich executives. Business owners and service workers near Chrysler plants have to be happy, too, since those restaurants and their waiters, grocery stores, and more will benefit from thousands of auto workers with a little more in their bank accounts.

So for anyone who wants the United States to have a strong auto manufacturing sector, with workers making enough to get by and maybe even a little more, this is a good thing. It's a good thing for anyone who wants the economies of Michigan and Ohio and Indiana to get a boost from auto workers able to buy new furniture or cars they've been putting off through the tough times, or maybe eating out or going to the movies every so often. But if you wanted to see anything Barack Obama ever touched go down in flames at whatever cost or if you just don't like to see working people doing okay, then this will probably be bitter news.

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