• Today's comic is YOU are a computer criminal! by Ruben Bolling:
    Comic - YOU are a computer criminal!
  • Hot science talk:
    Neuroinformaticians from Radboud University Nijmegen provide a mathematical model for efficient communication in relationships. Love affair dynamics can look like a sinus wave: a smooth repetitive oscillation of highs and lows.
  • Do you have a green thumb and a willingness to walk on the not-entirely-legal side? Here's a job for you:
    Wanted: A green thumb with extensive knowledge of the black, or at least gray, market.

    As Washington state tries to figure out how to regulate its newly legal marijuana, officials are hiring an adviser on all things weed: how it's best grown, dried, tested, labeled, packaged and cooked into brownies.

  • Have you seen this mouse?
  • Aw. Sad:
    George Zimmerman is running out of money to pay for his legal defense, his lawyers say on a website set up to solicit donations.
  • Uh ... what?
    Montana State Rep. Jerry O’Neil (R) is sponsoring a bill to allow defendants to “bargain with the court” to receive “corporal punishment in lieu of incarceration.”
  • I'm no camper, but I'm pretty sure manly man camping does not involve craft cocktails:
    The Wilderness Collective is a company that specializes in curating artisanal manliness by coordinating expeditions that invite robust young gentlebros "to find out what [they] are made of; to be measured by the wilderness." For $2,500 ($3,500 with bike rental), you can "reclaim masculinity through adventure." Included in the cost is a videographer on-hand to record the masculine rebirth for sick Facebook videos. [...]

    And once camp is broken, out come the "craft cocktails and artisan food."

    We were dead tired but our headlights guided the way through these twists and turns all the way through to this second camp. and when we showed up the craft cocktails and the Artisan food and there were such welcome friends under this endless starry sky.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt's love letters are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, we had Greg Dworkin on yesterday's Senate hearing and Newtown's town hall, plus the "controversy" over whether or not 12/14 parents were heckled. The crazy stories keep pouring in, too. Did you know dropping your gun in the bathroom is the new hotness? Also: state nullification of federal gun laws, and how to build better gun policy. Then, spending cuts vs. growth, and the looming sequestration.

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