This year for X-mas I gave my only niece (and I don't have any children) way more gifts then seemed "cool." She has too much shit to be honest by like a factor of 10. It is kind of sick actually.

One thing I gave her (next to a huge Lego set and three games for her LeapFrog) was a little certificate that I had given some money in her name to The Elephant Scantury. We then watched a few YouTude videos on elephants I burned to DVD. She was "over the moon."

Now background. She is about to turn four and I am not sure if she has eaten meat in the last two years. As her parents say she won't eat anything that breaths. At first my brother and his wife were not happy with me (Republicans), as the only hippie liberal in the family, that I put those thoughts into her little head.

I was like, "dude I love me a rare steak, why would I do that."

Below the fold the gifts I got her  ....  and maybe input on other stuff from the smart folks here!

First off my gifts are a "package" deal. Not that I bought them as a package, but that I wanted them to be all elephant related and I searched long and hard for what to include. I am proud to admit I've put hours and hours into thinking about it.

A mother and baby elephant stuffed.


The second is a book called The Story of Babar: The Little Elephant (found via a fellow Kossack).


The last is a BBC two-disk DVD called Echo and Other Elephants. Here is a clip.

I plan, oh and I will play with those animals with her. Read her the book and watch that video.

But I'd so like to give her one other item in this theme. I know The Elephant Scantury is easy and maybe the best thing, but that concept for her is so far above her pretty little head.

There has got to be this one other item out there I don't know about and somebody here does, that just "ties" the entire package together.

Oh here is Katie, this X-Mas explaining to me, and I am a tech geek, how I make my living, explaning to me how her LeapFrog works.


She said, when I said I think you need to do this, "you are so funny (her favorite phrase)." She was right :). Good times .............

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