The government is coming after our pets! How do I know? Registration.

Why else would the government insist we register our cats and dogs? There is nothing in the Constitution giving government the power to force you to register your pets. The 16th Amendment that allows government to tax our income, does not include the power to register pets and charge a pet tax for registration. Furthermore, the 13th Amendment freed only human slaves. Obviously, our God given Constitution and later Amendments gives us the right to have pets.

The government claims registration is necessary so they can return lost pets. But they lie. When I lived on a farm, our dogs ran free and they never got lost. Even after we moving to the city and some of cats got out, they always came home. No, they want us to register our pets so they have an address list when they come to confiscate them.

There are several motives behind the government’s anti-Constitutional push for pet registration. One obvious motive is to make us defenseless against a Gestapo regime. After they take our guns, our pets become out next line of defense. Granted, neither cats nor goldfish are likely to protect us. But dogs will. It should not surprise us that many cities have already passed laws denying patriotic citizens the right to own the most protective breeds, pit bull and rottweiler.

Beyond disarming and depetting us, the government needs a crisis. For years malevolent scientists promoted Global Warming, solely to fatten their budgets with tax money to study climate and weather. Seriously, did anyone actually pay attention to climate or fund people to study weather before this ridiculous theory?

You are a naive fool if you don’t believe government scientists are working overtime to figure out how to turn us into compliant sheep. By doctoring our food with a combination of GMO foods and chemical additives, government scientists hope to subdue our God given, patriotic, skeptical, paranoia.

If their scheme to modify our neural wiring is not successful, the backup plan is to take over total control of our food supplies. To close the deal, government needs food shortage. GMO crops have infiltrated our food supply. They are now in 70% of our processed foods. All government scientists need to do now is flip a switch to turn off a couple of genes and food supplies plummet. And those toxic chemicals they dust our crops with serve a purpose beyond pacifying our brains. Did you know these pesticides and herbicides are but a couple of hydrogen atoms removed from nerve gas and Agent Orange?

Who does Fido like best? Mom, because she feeds him. This is why the government wants to feed you, so you will love them. After they throw the genetic switches on our GMO crops and destroy the rest with toxic chemicals, only the nanny government can save you from starvation. This is a very clever plan.

Which brings us to what happens to all those pets the government will confiscate? How do they fit into their sinister “saving us from starvation” scheme?

With modern reconstitution technologies and artificial flavors, chicken nuggets don’t need chickens.  Turning Snoopy and Garfield into nuggets is the first step down the slippery slope to you know where. Why else has the government spent the last decade promoting the color green? Green energy. Green cleaning products. And yes, green foods.

It’s time to take our country back to the red meat, white potatoes, and blue corn chips I grew up to love.

Originally posted to SocioSam on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 12:49 PM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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