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Equality is coming. Deal with it.
Bad news for bigots:
The Pentagon has decided to extend certain benefits to the spouses of gay and lesbian personnel, according to officials and people notified about the decision, responding to the increasingly vocal appeals of same-sex couples in the military. [...]

Officials at the Pentagon would not say which new benefits the department has determined it can extend to same-sex couples without violating the Defense of Marriage Act, a 1996 law that bars the federal government from legally recognizing same-sex unions. Gay rights advocates have called for benefits including housing privileges, access to base recreational facilities and joint duty assignments for couples in the military.

Legal experts say, however, that the Pentagon will be unable to extend more than 100 benefits while the Defense of Marriage Act remains in place.

It's not perfect, of course, and it won't be perfect until the heinous Defense of Marriage Act is gone for good and marriage equality is the law of the land. But it's a really good step on the path toward equality for gays and lesbians who serve their country. While House Republicans, especially Rep. Virginia Foxxxxxxxxx, have have tried to protect the poor, defenseless Department of Defense from having to provide benefits to gays and lesbians that are guaranteed to "opposite-sex married couples," the Pentagon's announcement is welcome news and yet another sign that equality is coming. Even if Foxxxxxxxxx and her fellow Republicans don't like it.

Originally posted to Kaili Joy Gray on Tue Feb 05, 2013 at 01:40 PM PST.

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