In the space of 72 hours, Bryan Fischer not only proved he's a wingnut--but seriously unhinged as well.

On Friday's edition of Focal Point, Fischer told a caller that President Obama is an antichrist.  

Fischer tried to make the distinction between an antichrist small "a" and "The" Antichrist capital A, saying that antichrists run counter to the message of Jesus.  He was referring to 1 John 2:18, which says that "many antichrists have come" before the arrival of "the" Antichrist.  And since Obama has no "reverence" for the sanctity of life and supports marriage equality, he's one of them.

He doubled down in a post on Rightly Concerned that was also reproduced on his Facebook.  He claimed that "secular fundamentalists" are also antichrists because they are against "the values of Christ in the public and private life of our nation."  He expanded on it further on today's show, claiming that Obama is an antichrist because in addition to supporting abortion and gay rights, he opposes religious liberty.  He also declared that anyone who objects to that characterization may very well be an antichrist as well.

While cutting in the original video from Friday, People for the American Way missed something that may very well be even more offensive--and reveals what Fischer really meant.  Toward the tail end of a segment in which he discussed Dr. Benjamin Carson's attack on the health care bill, he told a caller that anyone who offers "an alternative to Jesus Christ or is against the work of Christ" is an antichrist.  Am I the only one who just heard a dog whistle?  Sounds to me that Fischer was calling Jews and Muslims antichrists.  Then again, we're talking about a guy who believes that Sandy Hook happened because we don't force kids to pray in public schools.  And yet, he's able to say with a straight face that Obama is against religious liberty?   Pot, meet kettle.

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