If you're on Facebook, you've probably been inundated with all things Papal today. But, if you follow news of Facebook, you might have heard that founder Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a fundraiser for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this week in California.

Both Zuckerberg and Facebook have made major strides in the past few years, turning the world’s largest social network into a more open and inclusive place for the LGBT community. But guess what? Friends Don't Let Friends Veto Equality. And, that's what Zuckerberg is doing by supporting Christie. So, this afternoon @GSEquality, @BlueJersey, @DFAaction and allies and friends have been using the Twitter hashtag #UnfriendChristie to let Mark Zuckerberg know that's not how friends treat each other.

That's right, the young, hip, tech-savvy billionaire - who famously, publicly, married his wife just last year - is raising money for NJ's anti-equality and anti-(you fill in the blank) governor at his Silicon Valley home on Wednesday. It's the kind of thing you'd expect the technorati to take notice of. (Oh look - here's BuzzFeed doing just that.)

So, how would you like to take a break from news about the Pope to let the Facebook founder know how you feel about his raising money this week for the man who is single-handedly blocking New Jersey from granting me and thousands of others the same freedom to marry he enjoys? The same governor about whose record no progressive - in New Jersey or California should remain silent.

Earlier this month when the news first broke - there was some great pushback against Zuckerberg on Twitter (where #UnfriendChristie briefly trended), on Facebook (where Garden State Equality received historic traffic), in the traditional media (this sweet Wall St. Journal article, and among politicians, with lots of buzz on the Chamber Train Trip. But this week, with the event scheduled for Wednesday, should be even bigger.

And there will be more actions to come all week, leading up to this Saturday's anniversary of Governor Christie's veto of marriage equality. But, today, I hope you'll join @BlueJersey and friends in a Twitter Bomb using the hashtag #UnfriendChristie to let Mark Zuckerberg know: Friends Don't Let Friends Veto Equality.

(Modified from a post this morning on Blue Jersey.)

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