By this point, you've no doubt seen Marco Rubio's "big gulp", either live as it took place, or in one of the many, many, many gifs or video remixes afterwards.  

But does his choice of beverage hide a darker secret?  Is Marco Rubio in fact, Swiss?  "Thirsters" want to know.

You see, Poland Spring is actually owned by Nestle, a Swiss company.  Which means that Rubio's choice was clearly a shout out to his secret Swiss overlords.  At least, that's a possibility.  We're just raising the question.

Now, we haven't actually seen pictures of Marco Rubio crafting a fine watch, making cheese, or keeping company with the Swiss Miss girl.   But just because we haven't seen them doesn't mean they're out there.  Or could be out there, if someone with more design skills cared to put them there.  

Is Marco Rubio Swiss?  The truth is out there.  And Thirsters demand to know.  


Is Marco Rubio Swiss?

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