A point missed by most conservatives, and many others as well, is that even if we had an unlimited supply of cheap oil, we'd still have to quit burning it, pumping it out of the ground, bathing in it, spreading it on our crops and ingesting it with our food...because of what it does to the atmosphere, the oceans, the soil, organic lifeforms, etc. We just can't keep pumping carbon and carcinogens into our environment. We just can't keep swallowing and breathing petroleum byproducts. Our reliance upon oil is the source of many poisons, in our environment and in ourselves.

If we are to consider what's possible for humanity, what's best for humanity, we have to abandon oil as a primary energy source. No ifs, ands or butts. None of this is rocket science. We just have to quit allowing those few who only care about “What's in it for me?” to drive the decision-making process. We have some tough choices to make and we have to make them. If we continue to be driven by blind profiteering, we are dooming posterity.

The very few and very powerful rich ones leading us off the fossil-fuel cliff are also the ones frequently heard these days railing on dramatically about how we can't be stealing from our grandchildren...as they blithely go about doing so. They're not thinking about posterity, they're not thinking about your grandchildren or mine, they're not thinking about humanity, they're only thinking about their quarterly results. “What's in it for me?”

Life is money and only money to them. That's a sociopathy which we must not allow. We let them drive our policy at the peril of all mankind.

So thank an activist today, and honor those who are bravely fighting the Powers That Be in Washington D.C. (edit: and elsewhere) yesterday, today and every day, for the Powers That Be are out to kill us all...because, you know - they gotta make a profit.

Thanks for protesting Meteor Blades, eeff and all the others. I'd join you if I could. Thank you DailyKos Climate Bloggers.

Thank you all for your activism.

Tar Sands Action first day- August 20, 2011



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