As Rachel Maddow said last night, ten years ago George W. Bush told a whopper in his state of the union address.  He said that "Saddam Hussein recently sought quantities of uranium from Africa," - implying, of course, that Iraq was amassing weapons of mass destruction.

On Monday, 18 February 2013, MSNBC is showing a documentary special about how we, the USA, were tricked into starting a full-blown war by our own government.

Maddow reports - perhaps it's hyperbole - that after it, people will be losing their minds.

Of course, not everyone was fooled.  I'm sure that a large portion of those who would later become a part of this community were not fooled.

One big culprit was the media.  They perpetrated the lies.  They did not do any investigative journalism. They did not show the huge demonstrations that were taking place.

I was living in Europe at the time, and I was horrified at the discrepancy between CNN International, an American station, and NTV, a German station.  And yet they were sister stations, sharing information and even some of the same reporters.

Americans were still clinging to the terror they had felt ever since 9-11.

I would call family in the US and many members were convinced that the media was telling the truth.

I am curious to learn what others here think about what happened.  

At any rate, I'm glad this special has been made and I look forward to watching it.  Asking these questions is long overdue.

I'd also like it if they give a good idea about what the cost of the war was.  American lives lost; American injuries.  Iraqi casualties.  Monies spent.  


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