I know this will seem irrelevant in the midst of the real news stories of today, namely the GOP again proving itself the party of Bullshit and Broken Promises in the Senate.  I mean—who’da thunk it so soon after their promise to behave like grownups?

Anyway, a photo released from the Curiosity Rover on Mars presents a very weird image of what looks like opera glasses some ways off in the distance.  Check it out for yourselves:

Closeup is here:

Sure looks like tiny binoculars to me, perhaps tossed away by some disgruntled opera-goer forced to sit through “Nixon in China” in Martian.  Or else it could be some Obama/Hegel plot to install Sharia law on Mars…

Maybe we should ask someone from Mars what it is.  Surely John McCain is back home from the Senate by now, his work done for the day.

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