There are news reports of a meteor airburst over the Chelyabinsk region of Russia about 1500 kilometers east of Moscow.  It is unclear what damage or casualties have resulted, but the office of the governor of the region are reporting many calls about injuries and damaged buildings.

Washington Post


Updates to follow.

Update 1: Videos of the meteor from the Sydney Morning Herald

Update 2: I can't vouch for this source, but the article has more video, including one of an impact crater.  [The impact crater is bogus, but the other videos are legit]. Newsroom America.

Update 3: Here's a link to Business Insider with more video including one that shows the shock wave arriving after the airburst.  I think there's some serious cussing in Russian at that point!  I think the impact crater video from the Newsroom America link is bogus, but I'll keep looking for anything that shows damage on the ground.

Update 4: Twitter hashtag #RussianMeteorite with photos of damage on the ground and videos of the airburst.

Update 5: Rueters is reporting on the Twitter feed linked above that a meteorite hit the wall of a zinc factory (plating works?).  There are multiple photos of the building with smoke above it, and of debris strewn on a highway next to the building.

Update 6: Washington Post is reporting 102 injuries, most from flying glass.  Also, the roof of the zinc factory collapsed.  They say it's not clear if it was a single meteor or a shower, but from the videos it seems like a single meteor that separated into multiple fragments after the airburst.

Update 7:  Here's a Livejournal page in Russian with lots of video and photos of the damage on the ground.  I'm off to bed now, but please post any other info you run across in comments.

Update 8:  One last update before bed.  Bad Astronomy over at Slate has a really good rundown of this event from an actual astronomer who has published about the danger of meteor strikes!  Go read it.  (hat tip Bevenro)

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