Today was the day: finally, powerfully, conclusively the climate change movement came together.

This was the biggest global warming rally in history (and almost certainly the biggest rally about anything in sub-freezing temps in DC history). Upwards of 40,000 people gathered by the Washington Monument, and then paraded past the White House, demanding that President Obama block the Keystone Pipeline.

There were many high points: Van Jones declaring that Keystone was the only presidential decision anyone would care about in 20 years; billionaire investor Tom Steyer laying out precisely why it was a bad investment; chief Jackie Thomas explaining that they’d never build a pipeline west to the Pacific.

But the real highlight was you. Movements aren’t about leaders (though without Michael Brune and the Sierra Club, or Lennox Yearwood and the Hip Hop Caucus, this day would not have come off). Movements are about people—about all of us who  put aside the things we have to do because we understand that the future is at stake.

We’ll try and figure out how best to put the momentum of this historic day to use—but for now, thanks to everyone who came to DC, everyone who gathered in the solidarity rallies around the country, and everyone who sent their good wishes and prayers. You guys are the movement, and the movement is our best chance at making a difference on climate change.

(If I were better at posting pictures, I would--but I hope others will toss in some of the many beautiful shots from this massive gathering)

Please check out two diaries with photos and/or videos: One from Montana and one from DC rally!

Photos, Video from Today's "Forward on Climate" Rally in Washington, DC by lowkell. Includes video of First Nation women speaking at rally.

Forward on Climate in Montana (photo diary) by Ojibwa.

lowkell's diary has picture of eeff! all week of XL blogathon he worked on his sign!

More kossacks reporting on rallies across country!

Forward on Climate - Seattle - Photo Diary by John Crapper

Forward on Climate - Chicago Represents (Photo Diary) by figbash

Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 9:18 AM PT: Just a quick note to say: the press coverage, for once, has been through the roof phenomenal. Great stories around the U.S., and then around the world: the top half of the front page of Le Monde, for instance. It reminds me even more powerfully that if President Obama cancels this thing, we'll really be able to turn to the rest of the world and say 'okay, your turn.'

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