Robin Kelly
Robin Kelly
The momentum behind Robin Kelly is getting stronger by the day, and Toi Hutchinson's decision to drop out the race for Illinois' 2nd Congressional District seat is proof. Hutchinson didn't just drop out of the race, she threw her support behind Kelly.

It's that momentum for Kelly that prompted Hutchison's exit. Kelly's wrapping up key endorsements and, thanks in huge part to the Daily Kos community, fundraising. The last public poll was released two weeks ago with Kelly surging.

Goal ThermometerHutchinson had 20 percent in that poll, to Kelly's 26 and Debbie Halvorson's 22 percent. That fifth of primary voters is now up for grabs, and Hutchison's endorsement is going to be critical to swaying this race to Kelly. The NRA's candidate, Halvorson, certainly realizes that and is lashing out, accusing the two of engineering a "backroom deal."

Kelly has less than two weeks to seal the deal, with the primary on Feb. 26. So we can't slack.  

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Donate now to Kelly so she'll have what it takes to make sure Halvorson doesn't pick up too much of the Hutchinson vote.

Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 10:57 AM PST.

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