I know we have a long way to go in my state of Kansas before we hit the absolute bottom of the barrel. This time, however, I can't directly point it at the idiot Governor.

Honestly, words fail as to how low we're gonna go:

With the Kansas State Board of Education preparing to vote on new science standards this year, the House Education Committee has introduced a bill asking schools to include evidence against climate change in science classes.

House Bill 2306, introduced last week, says science classes must “provide information to students of scientific evidence which both supports and counters a scientific theory or hypothesis.”

The bill says instruction about “scientific controversies” should be objective and include “both the strengths and weaknesses of such scientific theory or hypothesis.” The only controversy identified in the bill is “climate science.”

No hearings have been scheduled yet for the bill.


Well, I guess I can be partly relieved that they seem to be taking a break from attacking evolution, though I'm sure that's only a matter of time......

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