Attention: Ashley Judd
Re: Your Senate Seat Awaits

Source: Wired.com

On November 14, 2012, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) wrote to Elizabeth King, the Pentagon’s congressional liaison, with a an unusually credulous query. “I am writing on behalf of a constituent who has contacted me regarding Guantanamo Bay prisoners receiving Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits,” McConnell wrote in a letter acquired by Danger Room. “I would appreciate your review and response to my constituent’s concerns.”

Um, Guantanamo detainees getting GI Bill benefits? Yes, that’s from the Duffel Blog, as McConnell’s constituent clearly states, complete with the reference URL. Said constituent even notes that he or she can’t find any information about the alleged government payouts to suspected insurgents and terrorists.

Why wouldn't McConnell take the Duffel Blog article seriously, right? Anyone would be fooled. Or, maybe his staff hates him. That would be shocking.
“The DoD has been doing everything it can to prevent torture from being used against detainees at GTMO. By allowing the detainees to use the Department of Veterans Affairs, we hope to completely crush their souls with bureaucracy, which to be noted, is completely different from torture. I mean hell, the VA does that to our veterans on a daily basis.”

Read more: http://www.duffelblog.com/...

Ashley Judd is considering running for senate, and I think she deserves our consideration. She has an extensive humanitarian and political activist background. She recently went back to college and received a Masters in Public Administration in 2010.

From Harvard.

She went to Democratic Republic of Congo to "educate myself first hand about conflict minerals and advocate for a clean supply chain" and CNN published her story Electronics fuel unspeakable violence.

She has written some truly eloquent essays about fighting AIDS.

Ms. Judd might not be Bernie Sanders (yet) but she's a million times smarter than Mitch McConnell. There's no way to donate to her (yet) but you can like the Draft Ashley Judd for Senate Facebook page as a show of support.

Or, just mock the Turtle mercilessly in the comments below....it is his 70th birthday, after all. Hat tip to MrsGoo for noticing that (give her a real tip, too.)

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