Core Systems LLC in Painesville Ohio is laying off 400 people and ceasing operations at that plant after Whirlpool dropped them as a major supplier without notice. The company which made molded parts for that and other major appliance companies such as GE had no time for restructuring or for making other plans and apparently the resulting cash flow problems killed that part of the business. Just last year Whirlpool was touting its commitment to making most of its appliances in the USA.

The company's other plant in central Ohio will lose about 100 additional jobs. The company was in the process of adding another 25 jobs at the Painesville plant when they got the news. Consumers Reports reported how Whirlpool had complained about foreign made appliances being dumped on the US market and the case was decided against foreign made products but Whirlpool only avoided being hit by the findings of the suit they started by rapidly moving their Mexico manufacturing to Ohio. I suspect that is where they will be returning unless a lower cost off shore supplier has been identified. That this is a Whirlpool way of doing business is observed in this video referencing millions of stimulus dollars from federal, state, and local tax fund being sucked down the giant rat hole named Whirlpool.

Originally posted to OHdog on Sat Feb 23, 2013 at 08:34 AM PST.

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