i won't shut up and I won't go away.  This place needs closing and our veterans, elderly and children DO NOT need to be there.  No one needs to be there !
This is a major money grabbing healthcare facility ( looking for Scott somewhere, he has to be getting greased from this) and
they abuse the mentally ill, the disabled, the elderly and veterans.  

I have true stories documented here about THE VINES and here is yet another.

Officer Eades went to The Vines and interviewed a juvenile who has a room nearby. There Eades was told that Seepersad entered the victim’s room three times and the last time he went into the room, he heard the victim screaming for help.

According to police, the juvenile claimed it’s common for Seepersad to pull patients’ arms behind their back, grab their face and push them against the wall. He also said Seepersad was upset with the victim for calling him a racist name. Seepersad was born in Trinidad, police said.

The officer said The Vines policy and procedures states no employee should be alone with a juvenile patient, and surveillance video showed Seepersad entering the victim’s room several times and closing the door behind him. The teen doesn’t have a roommate, the officer said.
Eades met with Seepersad at the Ocala Police Department and he told the officer he was in the hallway when he heard a bang and the victim screamed. He said he waited a few minutes before entering and when he did, saw the boy on the floor between the bed and bathroom wall.

He said he told the juvenile to go to bed, but the boy said he couldn’t get up, so Seepersad said he put his hand out to help him get up. At that time, he said the boy complained about his arm hurting, so he went to the nurse’s desk and told them the juvenile had been giving him trouble all night and is complaining of pain in his arm


Now the nurse said she heard screams like she never heard before...She must not have been working when a Baker acted veteran sexually assaulted and killed an elderly patient.

She must not have been working when my husband and several other veterans claim abuse.

Maybe she wasn't working when a ripoff report shows...THIS  below...

Do not go to the Vines hospital that's were the Gainesville VA send Veterans for inpatient mental problems, this hospital has a Doctors who called my husband female, when I looked him up the doctor he has a felony record in Florida.

I told Gainesville this they did not care, both of the Doctors at the Vines, have been fired from everyother hospital in and around Ocala. But the Vines does not care

They are own by United Healthcare systems who has been sued by the DOJ for other reasons.  

This person posted info I won't post here but will post the link on the ripoff report.
Names of how badly veterans are treated in Florida and the Vines...The Vines DID NOT
have a formal contract with the VA last year when my husband was there.  I asked them and the VA and none adhered to the VA Mill act, although they claimed this is what they were using to house the vets.   I have diaries about that little setup.
Here is the ripoff report


I shall send this to the DOJ as well as some other info I have obtained.   What a shithole of healthcare, Florida is.  The VA is the best one can hope for If you are able to stay in a federal facility.    Good luck with that even if you are 100 percent total and permanetly disabled.. Another little oversight that needs tending.

We need to make noise people, you think this is going to get better with downsizing mental health services and thsi being Florida and a sequester.   How many have to die, get beaten, have heart attacks, and sexually abused before someone does something?

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