kron4 news (san francisco) tonite announced when president obama signed the sequester into existence... then they actually discussed what was going on - and ... to my shock and amazement, after some decent explanation, the anchor stated that neither the president or congress was going to change this until the people started to react.

THEN... (are you ready) the anchor stated this was an attempt by the republicans to get rid of all the programs of the new deal that they had hated - the safety net, social services, etc.!

i'm sorry i don't have this verbatim - my jaw was so far on the floor that i didn't have the computer on or fingers ready to transcribe!

if any one else saw this amazing news coverage (amazing because it WAS "news coverage", unlike the other garbage on cable media outlets), please share your reactions!  this was the digital over the air broadcast (i don't do cable or satellite) and was on the 5:30 pm (pst) news.  i am sure it will be rebroadcast later - i'll try to be at the ready to get it down.

okay - my horse is waiting - need to check on him since it was very warm today and he's still wearing his winter "fur" - so i'll be back later.

just wanted to share this bit of truly "breaking" NEWS - (by real journalists instead of talking heads).

Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 12:09 AM PT: nonny0 found IT!  the link to that comment is here...

Sat Mar 02, 2013 at 1:54 AM PT: just realized, i can do better than link to the segment Nonny0 found for us - i can embed it for all to see upfront!

enjoy, folks!  and send positive vibes that this is just the beginning!


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