I walk to school.  Every weekday.  7 in the morning.  

Every day, without fail, here in Salinas, CA, outside the planned parenthood clinic, I see the protestors.   It's along my route.  Yes, it's not the shortest route to the Campus, but it's the safest, since the fast route requires hopping two onramps.

EVERY, single day.

How great it must be to not have to work during the day.  To not be a poor schlub who might need those low cost services.

How wonderful that these people can dedicate, EVERY SINGLE DAY to vilify those who seek control over their reproduction.

(Exhaustion on the flip)

I really have to marvel at the dedication.  There they are, in a mostly poor, Hispanic neighborhood.  On occasion, there are the token Hispanic protestors with the signs in Spanish, but they seem to be the rare exception.

Remember, I see this every single day.  And there are the same old, white people.  People who have no need to be at work on a weekday.  People who do not need these services, but feel perfectly justified in making every single person who enters the clinic feel as though they're somehow transgressing.

There's no controversy here.  There's a bunch of Privileged people, who are exercising their privilege to harass those who need the aid the most.    

One of these days, I'm seriously tempted to just show up with a sign that says "Occupy Planned Parenthood" and get them all arrested.

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