According to military.com (and some hot phone calls we just got here at work from military contacts) repubican chickenhawk hypocrisy, democratic conflict-aversion spinelessness and their impacts on servicemembers and veterans have not yet reached their nadir. Access to tuition assistance dollars is one of several tools military recruiters have been able to use to entice eligible Americans to lend their talents (and their lives) to serving the country in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The "contract" entered into between average citizens and their government through enlistment in the military is pretty simple, and the promise of access to tuition assistance is one of the means by which bright, often young men and women, who have not been blessed with Bushesque or Romneyesque paid-in-full trust fund "scholarships" to the Ivy League schools, basically sign their very lives away to get a semblance of opportunities upon which the children of the 1 percent float through life. That rising tide cited by Reagan (that continues to sink many boats) has led the federal government to begin breaking that basic contract with servicemembers, many of whom have served multiple deployments in the repubican-initiated and democratic-facilitated wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Access to tuition assistance for Marine Corps has already been suspended. Army soldiers' TA access will cease as of 5:00 p.m. today. The impact will reach down to hundreds of thousands of servicemembers who are in the middle of pursuing degree programs, as well as the nearly 2,000 higher education institutions who have been participating in these TA programs. Of course, I help administer the program for the Army on the education side, so I and my colleagues are most likely toast, but quite frankly, I'm used to this. Have been downsized three times in two years. Keep it up my beloved government. Keep cranking down the screws, ignore your oaths, disregard your contracts, dishonor your offices. It will make it much easier see you as the treacherous jerks that you are just prior to your getting flushed into the cesspool of history. Be blessed.

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