You can wait for Joe...I will be.  But why wait?  Life is short, and the Blues are endless.

One of the best concerts I ever went to was in Columbus, Ohio, at a small venue.  Roy Buchanan was on the bill, and he mesmerized the crowd.  It's a shame the crowd wasn't larger.

You can't go wrong with a lineup like this, can you?

I worshipped at the throne of the Allman Brothers during the 70's, but truth be said, I don't think they did this song any more justice than Bobby "Blue" Bland did...listen and weep.

Irma Thomas....Because I can never get enough of her.

Paul Butterfield Blues Band...

How can a White gal sing like this???  Tracy Nelson, folks...

There's never been another Hound Dog...

Grits aint groceries?

Hands down...my favorite Robert Cray song.  The lyrics are priceless.

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