In this week's feature story in As The Right Turns, Blogger Slacktivist, reminds us that evangelicals did not always believe that life begins at conception.

In 1979, McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal.

    Sometime after that, it was decided that the Bible teaches that human life begins at conception.

    Ask any American evangelical, today, what the Bible says about abortion and they will insist that this is what it says....

    That’s new. If you had asked American evangelicals that same question the year I was born you would not have gotten the same answer.

By the time of the 1988 elections, everyone in American evangelicalism was wholly opposed to legal abortion and everyone in American evangelicalism was pretending that this had always been the case

And in other news:  Jandira Queiroz, Research Fellow at Political Research Associates has the story of the American Christian Right making moves on Brazil. She also has the story of the political rise of the virulently anti-gay  "Marco Feliciano, a right-wing Pentecostal pastor from the country’s Social Christian Party."  And in the U.S., Christian Right Latinos (both Catholic and Protestant) are lining up with the Catholic Bishops to say that any mention of LGTB civil rights in immigration reform is a "deal breaker."  Among the leaders this nay to gay coalition is Samuel Rodriguez, leader of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which wants to sound a lot like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference once headed by Martin Luther King...

Originally posted to Street Prophets on Sat Mar 16, 2013 at 08:56 PM PDT.

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