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Just when you thought Virginia AG - and presumptive 2013 Teapublican nominee for governor - Ken "Kookinelli" couldn't get any creepier or more bizarre, he says s*** like this.

How about [appealing] to women?

I'm a person who appeals to women with a variety of issues that they just happen to care more about that I also happen to care about. I've worked to improve mental health and worked to help the mentally ill for over a decade and a half, including when I was in the legislature. Women's issues aren't just abortion. Women's issues are everything women care about. And I have an awful lot of issues that I appeal to women on, just as a natural course.

So, let's get this straight: the first thing Cuckoo's mind goes to when he's asked about how Republicans, including himself, might better appeal politically to women is "mental health" and "help[ing] the mentally ill." Not jobs, the economy, health care, education, or a million other things, but focusing on the "mentally ill." I've run this quote by a bunch of people, without telling them whose quote it was, and they all reacted with varying degrees of "WTF" and "that's creepy" and "I didn't know mental health was specifically a women's issue." But for Crazy Cuccinelli? Who knows how that guy's mind works; I actually don't want to know...

P.S. Of course, this is the same guy who doesn't "believe" in science, thinks the government is using Social Security numbers to "track" him, has flirted with "birtherism," etc, etc. So what else would we expect?

P.S. For some reviews of Cooch's speech to CPAC earlier today, see here. Note that Cooch was invited, but Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell, aka "Pat Robertson's Best Friend Forever," was snubbed. That shows you how extreme Cuccinelli is, and also how bizarre CPAC is.

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