this is what a crater in the ground looks like ...

this is what a crater in the economy looks like ...

one of them was caused an unimaginable destructive force of nature.

the other was created by the equally destructive force of greed.

this is what a growing economy is supposed to look like ... without the unregulated craters of wall street greed ...

the GDP is just simply a measure of economic activity of a nation.

So question:  Where did all that missing 'aggregate wealth' go? (measured in Trillions.)

Did ALL that 'missing GDP' simply evaporate into thin air?

Or did it end up in someone's pocket, further up the economic food chain?

One more question:  Who's job is it to re-fill those economic craters?

The wall street wizards who caused them?

Or us hard working stiffs, working extra hours or extra jobs, just to get by?

Just to pay for their Too Big to Jail gambling debts ... What a Grand Deal that was, eh?

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