I am really going out on a limb here and will talk up some great success stories of the Obama administration (unprecedented I know).

Since 2009, almost 2.2 million homeowners have gotten HARP refis, the government says. On average, they're saving about $4,300 a year on home loans, Fannie Mae estimates.

What, that is crazy you say.  Obama can't be doing this!  It is not reported by the "mortgage experts" here on DKos!

Well, it is true.

And guess what?

Almost 3 million more borrowers may be eligible for HARP, says Bob Walters, chief economist of Quicken Loans.

He says the biggest problem is that HARP had so many false starts, people don't pursue it, and they "believe it's too good to be true."

Will those refis vote in 2014?  I hope so!

The game is changing and President Obama is a winner.

I am not afraid to say it here - I am a proud supporter of President Obama.

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