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Residents of Newtown, CT, still reeling from the massacre of 20 children and 6 school staff by a gunman armed with an assault weapon, are now receiving phone calls and postcards from the NRA urging them to resist gun control legislation--specifically the proposed assault weapon ban.

Thursday evening the following notice was posted on the Newtown Action Alliance Facebook page:

Folks in Newtown have been receiving 'Robo Calls' from the NRA this week. Aside from being insensitive and uninvited, these calls may be in violation of telemarketing laws as they do not give the option to opt-out of future calls during the call. A complaint can be filed with the FTC, who's telemarketing rules state among other things that "Businesses using robocalls have to tell you at the beginning of the message how you can stop future calls, and must provide an automated opt-out you can activate by voice or keypress throughout the call."
Residents posting on the thread indicated that calls and postcards asked them to call their congressmen and tell them "no assault weapons ban."

The postcards being mailed in Connecticut say in part "Despite public outcry, anti-gun legislators in the Connecticut General Assembly are aggressively forging ahead with numerous proposals that are designed to disarm and punish law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen."  The cards mention Rep. Dan Carter, the lawmaker who represents Newtown.

When asked for comment, an NRA spokesperson said their supporters deserve to be kept informed about proposed legislation which will diminish their rights as gun owners.

These bastards really have no souls.

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