Over the course of my career as an author I have written a number of books on social, political, and philosophical themes, with a particular emphasis on human dignity. My most recent project has been a work of fiction: The Rowan Tree. This is a political novel, and in many ways it is my life's work.

I wanted to share this with the Kossack community because I am now releasing a serialized version of the novel that can be read online.

Also, I am giving away several paperback copies at Goodreads. There are a couple of weeks left to enter to win these free copies!

The Rowan Tree is an imagined journey about how the Dignity Movement could unfold and be implemented within the political system and in the context of international diplomacy. One of the main characters, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Obama, has been a central part of the novel ever since I started to think about what it would take to transform Washington...more years ago than I care to admit. Most of the novel was already written when Obama become President, so I decided just to finish what I had started. Please note, however, that this character is not a reference to Obama or modeled on him in any way.

I realized that it was time to put down the pen and publish The Rowan Tree when I saw that dignity was finally gaining some traction as a political theme. It is invoked in politics at the highest level, all over the world. The new Chinese President Xi Jinping brought up universal dignity as part of the "Chinese Dream":

...today's China has accumulated a solid material foundation and the spirit of humanity has been expanded in every walk of life. The dignity of the national level has been extended to individuals.
The Rowan Tree was written from a personal perspective: the protagonist Rowan Ellway explores the meaning of life through his relationships and ultimately discovers that dignity is what matters the most. The political career of his son brings issues of dignity to the fore in Washington and the implementation of new values leads to international ramifications.

This is a book of culture and human aspirations as well as hard politics. Myth junkies might catch more than a whiff of Arthurian legend. There is also plenty of love for fans of ballet as well as basketball. One theme of the book is the education inherent in world travel. I hope readers will find the novel entertaining as well as politically engaging.

This novel is the distillation of my experience and my gift to you all. Enjoy!

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