Forgiveness is overrated! Take a Zero Dark Thirty approach to retribution: never forget and hunt your enemies down in the night.

Happiness Tip: Don't focus on the fact that the only thing keeping you from becoming a shriveled, neglected old fart is an untimely death.

Everyone wants to be more healthy, reduce fat, lower cholesterol... but sometimes there is pizza so fuck all that.

Other people are just as fucked up as you are. You have to be the one who monetizes it.

She-Hulk SMASH lesser pay! She-Hulk SMASH glass ceiling! She-Hulk SMASH gender roles! She-Hulk SMASH a quiet cry in a bath! She-Hulk complex.

It’s a little difficult to worry about starving children in Africa when we still have people in America using flip phones.

It's pretty crazy how manatees are just waiting for the right opportunity to rob walruses at gunpoint and steal their tusks.

When has a lunatic ever needed to make sense? Now get the carpet curtains into the guitar furnace and play Monopoly with milk.


The easiest way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to rob a liquor store?

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