The folks at Talking Points Memo have posted a photo apparently of the elusive "Carlos" who set up the interview with the Dominican Republic women regarding Sen. Menendez.
Anyone know this guy?

It won't be long before he is tracked down of course.
This should get interesting.

The question is will Daily Caller claims of having "learned" that Carlos was the translator hold up?
If more connections to DC are found, Tucker better get a job selling prefabricated survival bunkers and gold futures scams.

By the way I haven't blogged here for a while. I used to do some breaking news stuff back in the day ...
Anyway I was surprised not to see any posting on this on the rec list or front page.

Put it on milk cartons!

How long till we find him? I give him 48 hours tops.

Who is he? Who paid him?

Matthew Boyle, the Daily Caller "reporter" on this story, should of course know who this guy is.
But I suspect he has by this time been advised to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

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