From The Huffington Post:

NEW YORK -- CommonSense Media, a digital advertising network co-founded by film producer and Firedoglake publisher Jane Hamsher, has filed for bankruptcy to liquidate its assets.

Founded in 2007 by Hamsher, AJ Schuler and Deveria Flowers, CommonSense Media describes itself as “a digital alliance of publishers and advertisers who are shaping the future of digital advertising in the political space.”

CommonSense Media's Chapter 7 filing earlier this month in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Washington, D.C., lists many prominent news sites and blogs among its 48 creditors. (A portion of the document, obtained in a public records search, is below.) Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings allow companies to liquidate assets while being protected from creditors.


Hamsher signed the bankruptcy filing, dated March 18, as "debtor" and is in a related document as "president."


If you click on Advertising at FireDogLake, the first thing it says is:

Advertise at Firedoglake
Firedoglake offers premium advertising through CommonSense Media.
So it stands to reason that FireDogLake is in trouble, too.
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