I don't mind being past my prime, I just wish I had known it was my prime when it was happening.

Some days I wish I could be a kid again...

Other times I'm glad that I can properly pronounce spaghetti and I don't suck at pretty much everything.

I learned quick math in my teens and early 20s because I was always working out how often and how much my bank account would be overdrawn.

I love how companies wants to boost morale by any means necessary as long as it doesn't involve giving raises.

"I'm on your side, but you're still an idiot or willfully misunderstanding the point." I think this a lot but don't usually say it.

Between coffee in the workplace, cocaine in the crime world, and energy drinks among teens, it seems wide awake people are the number one problem on the planet.

Dionne Warwick owes more than $10 million in taxes. That's a lot of trains and boats and planes.

Look over there. It’s Stop Talking Man and his faithful sidekick Seriously Shut the Fuck Up Boy.

Season 3 of Game Of Thrones: everyone in Westeros agrees to settle power succession though an actual Game of "Musical Thrones.


If two wrongs don't make a right, try three?

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