Let's see the Second Amendment protect against THAT.
Good point.
In the current debate over gun control, the pro-gun lobby has an ace card up its sleeve: We need weapons to prevent government tyranny, they say. These self-styled champions of liberty see guns as the ultimate insurance policy to protect the Constitution. The problem is that most of those making this argument also strongly support a massive U.S. military -- exactly the behemoth we must be armed against. It's the great gun gobbledygook.
The dumbasses with their guns and 15-round clips and AR-15s or AK-47s think they're the vanguard against U.S. government tyranny, when a well-aimed drone strike would take out the lot of them in no time flat (not to mention any decently trained tactical assault team).

Either you think government is tyrannical and must be eroded of its ability to militarily suppress its populace, or you think a well-armed government is a benevolent force for world peace. Thinking both just makes you a moron.

In other words, it makes you a Republican.

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