In the market for 40-acres of prairie in South Dakota? You're in luck: James Czywczynski is looking to sell you some for the low cost of $3.9 million. Of course, the land is also the site of one of the most infamous massacres of Native Americans by the United States Army.
WOUNDED KNEE, S.D. — Ever since American soldiers massacred men, women and children here more than a century ago in the last major bloodshed of the American Indian wars, this haunted patch of rolling hills and ponderosa pines has embodied the combustible relationship between Indians and the United States government.

It was here that a group of Indian activists aired their grievances against the government with a forceful takeover in 1973 that resulted in protests, a bloody standoff with federal agents and deep divisions among the Indian people.

And now the massacre site, which passed into non-Indian hands generations ago, is up for sale, once again dragging Wounded Knee to the center of the Indian people’s bitter struggle against perceived injustice — as well as sowing rifts within the tribe over whether it would be proper, should the tribe get the land, to develop it in a way that brings some money to the destitute, etc, blah blah

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Couldn't someone buy it and make an appropriate memorial garden there?

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