Incredible. We may be seeing "Pigs Fly" soon too ... or Refrigerator Salesmen in the Arctic, if this keeps up ...

Fox News' Megyn Kelly Grills NRA's Wayne LaPierre:  What Do You Say To Newtown Families? (Video -- worth watching)

by Brett LoGiurato, BusinessInsider.com -- Apr. 4, 2013,

Before introducing LaPierre, Kelly played a clip of some Newtown families being interviewed by CBS anchor Scott Pelley in a clip set to air Sunday on "60 Minutes."

"It's powerful to listen to. Those families directly affected say if Adam Lanza, the shooter at Newtown, had not had 30-round magazines -- if he had only had 10 rounds -- more children would have lived," Kelly said. "Your thoughts?"

LaPierre didn't directly respond to her question [...]

Kelly continued to press LaPierre on the original point, [...]

LaPierre seemed caught off guard.

"Megyn, people that know guns know you can change magazine clips in a second," he said, stammering between sentences. "There's no evidence, you know, that anything would have changed."

NRA's LaPierre:
"There is no evidence ... anything would have changed."

These folks would probably have a different view of the matter ...

Short preview clip of the '60 Minutes' interview slated for this Sunday:

Preview: Newtown

[embedding disabled]
Link to clip

Parents of the victims of the Newtown, Conn., massacre tell Scott Pelley that theirs is a lifetime quest to change gun laws in hopes of preventing the gun violence that took their young children. Watch Pelley's two-part report on Sunday, April 7 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Newtown survivor:

Limiting Magazine size and universal Background checks, if I had to pick two [solutions.]

Longer version the '60 Minutes' previous coverage of the Newtown assault:

60 Minutes reports: Tragedy in Newtown
Link to clip

NRA's LaPierre:

"There is no evidence" ... that 'limits on magazine clips' will 'save lives.'
Says him, -- the overly-paid sponsor of weapons manufacturers, as per usual.

[Megyn Kelly: ]
"You hear the parents of those children killed ... say 11 children had the chance to escape while [the shooter] reloaded ... That is, to me, the most compelling argument ... for this limitation on [ammunition]."
Megyn Kelly Questions Wayne LaPierre Over Limiting Magazine Clips (VIDEO)
-- HuffPost -- 04/04/2013

NRA's LaPierre:

"There is No evidence" ... that 'limits on magazine clips' will 'save lives.'

No evidence?

I'd think those Eleven Newtown kids who escaped ALIVE from the Newtown shooter, during such a Magazine change interruption,

-- just might constitute "SOME evidence," Wayne.

Like I said, "Incredible."  On so many levels.

These brave souls interviewed by Lawrence O'Donnell recently, would probably beg to differ with NRA's LaPierre too, regarding his blatant claims that "There is No Evidence".  (Says him.)

Parents took away his gun, Tucson Shooter just went out and bought a Semi-Automatic
by jamess -- Mar 28, 2013

They manage to subdue and HALT their shooter after just a 6-person death-toll count,

-- during such a Magazine-change, NRA-commercial break, 'No-Evidence' interruption, in the assault-empowered rampage.

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