South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford wipes his eyes as he speaks to the media about his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina and admits to an extramarital affair at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, June 24, 2009. Governor Sanford said on Wednesday
Now that's a vacation
Hahaha, clueless bastards:
The National Republican Congressional Committee is launching "Words with Elizabeth," a new website hitting House candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch (D). ... The Scrabble-like board features her playing against President Obama and spells out "ObamaCare," "Rubberstamp" and "Vacay."
And why 'Vacay'? Because:
The NRCC has promised to attack Colbert Busch for saying she supports parts of the Democratic health law, tie her to Obama and hit her for using her vacation time to campaign for Congress.
So House Republicans—who have never seen a vacation they weren't willing to take—think Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a terrible person because she's working during her time off? I guess they think that instead of user her time off to run for Congress, she should have followed Mark Sanford's lead and gone hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

If you think about it, it's a fair point: If you had to choose between somebody who is so eager to represent you in Congress that she would use her personal vacation to run and somebody who as governor secretly flew off to Argentina, leaving his state and family behind while shacking up with an Internet pen pal, all the while claiming that he was on vacation hiking some trail somewhere, who would you choose?

Colbert Busch—who narrowly leads Sanford in recent polling—has a shot at winning this campaign. And even though it's not their goal, Republicans are clearly doing their best to make sure that she does.

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