PhotobucketAfter the New Organizations links, whats the first link?

Now remember today was the first day of our Hell No! #NoChainedCPi blogathon, and every dairy in the "Pushing back at the Grand Bargain" group queue had Chained CPI as a tag.

This is an example that maybe illustrates what we're up against, groups like Fix the Debt, as Meteor Blades has outlined are front groups, they want their low tax rates for their friends, they've taken our jobs, come for our Houses, and they want more.

Note, some of the Homes lost in the financial crisis were in families for 2 or 3 generations. All that accumulated wealth gone, and concentrated in the top .1%.

Back to the Google bomb, none of our diaries are searchable via "Chained CPI", only one dairy comes up:

A Few Facts About Chained-CPI.

Fix the Debt on Twitter: @FixtheDebt @FixtheDebtUtah  @FixTheDebtMI @FixtheDebtAZ @FixtheDebt_MN  @FixTheDebt

SO have a great evening and get ready for day 2 of our Hell NO ! No Chained CPI blogathon.

So did you learn that Chained CPI will apply to over 30 gov programs and income tax brackets? IF not you better pay attention tomorrow and read the blogathon, cause we are going to light it up.

Dudes so nasty they would take lunch away from a school kid.

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