We already know that WorldNetDaily's standards are almost comically low.  But one would think that even by those standards, publicly calling for genocide would go too far.  For those who missed it, literally minutes after the bombings in Boston, WND commentator and Faux News contributor Erik Rush took to Twitter and publicly blamed the attacks on Muslims.  When another Twitter user asked him if he was already blaming Muslims, Rush replied, "Yes, they're evil.  Let's kill them all."  I diaried about it here.  

Rush deleted the tweet after People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch found it, but PFAW managed to get a screen capture here.  However, he's still tripping over himself defending it, claiming that he was just being sarcastic.  It goes without saying that anyone who finds it even remotely okay to joke about killing people has no moral compass whatsoever.

WND editor-in-chief Joseph Farah and managing editor David Kupelian need to be told in no uncertain terms--WND must cut all ties with Rush.  Now.  Crash Farah's inbox at jfarah at wnd dot com and Kupelian's at dkupelian at wnd dot com.

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